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Orange County Home Design Plans & Blueprints

Before starting any home improvement or remodeling project, certain conceptual design plans should always be in order. A complete set of construction blueprints including architectural design, structural engineering and title 24 energy calculations are always essential. An accurate set of plans will not only help save you time on your project, but save you money as well.

Often Designers are hired by home owners for residential plans, and more than often designs exceed the proposed budget. We are frequently asked "What is the difference between an Architect, and a Home Designer?". Overall, the difference is that an Architect is licensed by the Contractors State licensed Board. In the state of California, you do not need to be a licensed Architect to construct either home design plans or blueprints regarding residential projects. In fact, you (the home owner) could do all the drafting yourself, if you had the tools to do so. Hiring an Architect can cost much more than hiring a Designer. To ensure your home improvement or remodeling project is off to a good start. Always start with a flawless set of home design plans.

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